What am I willing to do for eternal life?

Author: Dmitry Glukhovsky
Agency Human Element
Published by: AST, Insignis Media, Minotauro, Ersatz AB
Illustrations: Anton Grechko, Sergey Kritskiy
Soundtrack: Nikolay Krivin
In glitch, there is a sense of alarm when everything goes wrong in the middle of what seems like utopia. In glitch, there is left-wing radicalism, a refusal to consume high-quality glossy images. In glitch, there is a mute rage of the hungry. I began experimenting with the theme in 2010, in no small part thanks to the posts by my beloved Oleg Pashchenko. In 2012, when the book was being prepared, it was not easy to stand up for the idea. Nevertheless, the theme found its reflection both in the design of the book and in urban and online advertising.
2015 Edition, AST
The book was sent to critics in 2013 in such packaging.
Endpaper of the special edition with the soundtrack by Nikolay Krivin, 2013.
The QR code on the spine leads to the website of the book, 2013.