Creator and Screenplay Writer: Dmitry Glukhovsky
Producer: Eugene Efuni
Director: Konstantin Statsky
Art Director: Ilya Malanov
Director of Photography: Luis Enrique Carrion
Visual Effects Producer: JD Zakharias
Illustrations: Eli Jackiewicz, Diana Stepanova
Design: Eli Jackiewicz, Alexey Ustyantsev

"Would you like to sketch some concepts for the series?" "Sure, why not."
The presentations with these concepts were enough to get the project approved. The filming took place in Belarus. I remember the filming location and set with an indescribable warmth.
I don’t know why, but the pilot didn’t move forward. We decided to rewrite the story, move the setting from Russia to America, and release it as a graphic novel. Diana and I are drawing it together — we work on storyboarding, she draws sketches under my observation, and then I finish it off and do the lettering. The first volume is available on Amazon, and the Russian version will be released in winter together with the second volume.
Social media cards reveal the setting
Pages from one of the presentations. If I remember correctly, the concepts were drawn by Ilya Malanov.
Animation test for one of the cards
Oh yes, and I also think about what The Outpost could sound like